Hope Farm Bakery is a family operated business located in Yarragon, Gippsland. As a family business we take pride in baking our own products ,delivering as well as selling at our local farmers markets on the weekends. We bake twice a week delivering  Wednesdays and Saturdays delivering from the city to Bairnsdale. Our full range and list of stockist can be found on our websitewww.hopefarm.com.au.

We also are happy to help the home baker and bread enthusiast with any queries regarding bread making and supplies for baking at home. Our heart is to get back to a lifestyle where we are able to be self sufficient in our daily needs as well as being aware about the quality of the food we consume for our daily health. If we can be of service please feel free to call us via the website or catch up with us at your local farmers market. Otherwise please feel free to try our full range of naturally fermented breads. We also bake specialty loaves upon request.

Our breads are made from the finest Australian certified wholegrain flours,  with only sea salt and filtered water added. We do not add any sugars, oils or baker's (commercial) yeast. Our desire is to produce the wonderful traditional breads that people enjoyed baking and delighted in eating. We hope you enjoy the culinary experience of our traditional sourdough bread.